Wax Melt Loving - Berry Cocoa

Monday, July 30, 2018

A recent trip to Skirlington market (on a very rainy day may I add) may have been a tad disappointing (the rain had scared everyone away) but did have a silver lining in the fact I found a hidden gem in the form of a Handmade Wax Melt stall. Berry Cocoa is a store I had never heard of before but certainly wish I had!

After trying out Cosy Candles recently I have become a bit obsessed with wax melts so I'm so keen to try different ones that are available - whilst doing this, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share my thoughts with you all and hopefully tempt you into trying some new brands, too.

So, the price on the day said 10 wax melts for £3 or 20 wax melts for £5 and also 5 wax melts free when purchasing any 20. I thought this was so reasonable as you could pay £5 for a single candle from elsewhere, and this way you can really mix and match our scents. The stall had so many different scents available including fresh, floral and even foods! This means there is pretty much something for everyone if wax melts are your thing.

Some of the scents I picked up are: Dettol (I bought this with my mum in mind), Mr Pepper (Dr Pepper is a fave of mine!), Bakewell Tart, Very Vanilla and my favourite by far - Snow Fairy! This being said though, I did pick up probably about 18 different scents so I'm afraid I can't remember them all. I was swaying more towards the fresh or fruity scents as I think the perfume ones they had on offer would have given me a headache but I know some people would have loved those!

I haven't had them too long but so far I have burned Mr Pepper and Freshly Brewed Coffee and have to say they smell really good but aren't overpowering at all. From the two we've tried, Freshly Brewed Coffee was definitely the best and actually made me so hungry (so strange as I don't actually like coffee to drink). Either way, it was delicious!

I would definitely recommend you give them a try and I will of course keep you updated on my favourites and if I find any I'm not too keen on. You can find Berry Cocoa on Facebook, Instagram and also Etsy where you can make an order. What I would like to know is, have any of you tried Berry Cocoa already?!

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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