3 Things We Didn't Think About When Buying a New Build

Saturday, August 18, 2018

When we found 'our house' there wasn't really much planning. Of course, we were living with my parents whilst saving for a mortgage so we knew we wanted to buy a house but it was a bit of a fluke getting the one we got. We basically went to look around a new development as a last minute thing to do on a day off and at the end of that day we had reserved a plot that was due for completion only a couple of months later. Buying a new build was perfect for us as we were able to use a smaller deposit and start from scratch without having to decorate etc ourselves. That being said though, there were a few things that slipped our mind about buying a new build...

No Curtain Poles
I'm not entirely sure how this skipped our minds but when we viewed the house one of the last times we were like 'oh wait, we need something to put our curtains up with!'. As daft as it sounds it's just one of those things that you're so used to already being up (or at least the holes in the walls to put new ones up). Luckily we managed it between us and saved on paying someone else to do it!

No Aerials
Another blatantly obvious one. As no one had lived there before there wasn't an aerial installed (well the wires were but not the actual dish). This ended up being another £100+ pound we had to fork out on but thankfully now its done, its done! It was good in the sense, at the same time we had an extra one popped into the master bedroom so we were able to pick exactly where it went!

No Bins
I half thought that the development would kind of order everyones bins at the same time and have them ready for handover. How na├»ve am I?! We had to order our bins ourselves and pay for them too! This was another £50 we didn't think of and we actually were without them for a few days as they said they would only deliver when we were in. Pricy!

So, there we have it, all such simple things when you think about it but clearly our minds were somewhere else! Thankfully everything is all sorted now after a bit of time and £££. The truth though? I'd do it all again in a heartbeat to have a brand new home again if we ever wanted to move.

Let me know, if you've ever moved were there things you didn't think about?

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