5 things I missed when I moved back in with my parents

Sunday, August 5, 2018

So, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, in order to save for a mortgage we had to hand in our notice on our rented house and move in with my parents. Obviously we are both incredibly grateful that they would allow this and without them letting us, we wouldn't have managed to save a deposit in just 7 months, but there were a few things that we realised after living alone and then moving back home. Kallum hadn't lived at home since he was 17/18 and I had been moved out for over a year so it was definitely a change! Today I thought I would list some of those things to reminisce.

As daft as it may sound, when we lived on our own (and again now) I had a little routine. Get up, tidy the bedroom, clean upstairs and then go clean downstairs etc etc. When you live with your parents you no longer have your own routine, you have theirs and surprisingly I actually started to miss it.

- Going out/Coming in without feeling guilty
When you live on your own/ with a partner, you can literally come and go as you please without disturbing anyone or feeling guilty. However, when you have a 10 year old brother living with you, you instantly become aware that it's no longer appropriate to come in from the pub at 2am and start making mac and cheese.

- Cooking what I want/When I want
There's something therapeutic about baking at midnight but unfortunately when you live in a house with 4 other people, that may be a bit disrespectful. Living alone means if I wanna cook at roast at 11pm on a Tuesday night, I'm free to do so! Hello chocolate brownies for breakfast.

- Silence/Noise when needed
5 people under one roof are bound to get under each others feet but there's nothing quite like being able to blast your music out when you feel pumped - without annoying everyone. Equally it's incredibly rude to tell people to shut up when you want 5 minutes silence.

- Freedom for the cats
Our two cats and our dog get on quite amicably when used to being around each other so the cats go wherever they please all day long. However, mums dog isn't used to cats so would get a bit giddy and bark when she saw our two. This meant the cats were no longer allowed free roam as it was just too stressful for everyone and for this I felt forever guilty!

- Couple time
I don't know about you, but there is something that just feels so strange about being overly affectionate with your partner with your parents around. Hello sitting at opposite ends of the sofa and only engaging in pleasant hand shakes.

All this being said, I just want to point out we are so incredibly grateful and my parents do in fact have a list as long as their arm which is very similar, I'm sure. We don't hate my parents, and none of these are personal at all. In comparison to all of these, it was also quite nice to not have to worry about cooking and the dog being looked after for me! haha.

Have you ever moved back home? Is there anything you noticed?!
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