5 Things I've Realised Since Wedding Planning Started

Thursday, August 23, 2018

So, Kallum and I have been engaged since August 2017 and honestly, we haven't really talked about it much since then. Until now. No plans are set in stone but Kals said book it and he'll be there and I've made a start on a guest list. Progress right? With wedding planning on the cards, a few things have already started becoming apparent so today I thought I'd share 5 thing's that I've noticed since I've we've started wedding planning.

Invite or Don't Invite?
Now some people with think this is rude and some will totally get what I mean, I'm sure. There are some people who you don't really want to invite, but kind of have to. Family you may not really speak to or get on with that well but you know that if their name's not on that guest list - someone will have something to say about it.

Everything Is Extortionate
So far I've only looked at eloping, an evening do and bits such as dress/planner (book not person) etc but everything seems to have a couple of extra ££'s added to it if there is the word wedding in the title. We for sure won't be spending big bucks as it's just one day and when it's gone, it's gone. (You do you though, I'm not saying spending lot's of money is a problem, of course!)

There Are Too Many Choices
Nothing is simple. There are hundreds of venue types - do you go abroad? a church? registry office? The list goes on! Then there's colours, flowers, dresses, decorations - my head hurts already! I can now tell why wedding planning takes so long, that's for sure.

You Don't Agree On Anything
With many choices comes many disagreements between bride and groom to be. You're not going to agree on everything. From the guest list to the colour scheme, it's not easy. What do you do when one of you thinks someone shouldn't be on the guest list but the other feels bad? I feel like compromise will be key in the wedding planning months.

You Can't Please Everyone
At the end of the day, you can't please everyone. It's your day and your money so really, it shouldn't matter what anyone else says as long as you're both happy. People won't like your food choices, your guest list or maybe even your dress but this is your big day, not theirs. Remember that and enjoy!

So, there's just 5 things I've noticed so far! Have you ever planned a wedding? Did you find it difficult or take it all in your stride? One thing I can say is that I'm excited to spend forever with my best friend.

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