Wednesday, 1 August 2018

* Are You Looking For Something A Little Different In Life?

It’s often the case that the ‘auto-pilot’ sense of living can sometimes overwhelm us. It’s not hard to see why this might be the case. From day to day, fulfilling our duties and going about our business can often set us into a routine, and this routine can often become followed with our eyes closed after a period of familiarity, at least that’s the way it seems. This can lend itself to comfort, but also complete and total boredom, a boredom that can last for a very long time without you really understanding why. Thankfully, all it takes is shaking things up a little to remember that each week is a gift, and ‘seizing the day’ can be a practical reality for all of us. If you’re looking for something a little different in life, consider these tips to shake up your comfort:

When was the last time you truly jumped out of your comfort zone and decided to perform for an audience? Some may not have achieved this since they first took part in their kindergarten nativity play at Christmas. Performing can have a range of benefits form helping you out of your shell to helping you connect with others trying to do the same. Performing via an open mic comedy club night, joining an amateur dramatics society, or perhaps even contributing to a public speaking collective can help you learn to perform, to feel comfortable on a stage, and to learn the thrill of showmanship, no matter how subtle.

Find An Interesting Career Path

Could it be that your current career path is boring you to tears? Are you only following this path in order to make good of your degree, or because you feel obligated to do so? Sometimes, money isn’t everything. It might be that following an interesting career path to bring full content and engagement to your days could be absolutely valuable to your spirit. Never be afraid to choose something truly unique, such as starting to become a movie extra with an interest in acting, looking for tarot card reader jobs, or becoming a consultant for some hobby that you have cherished in the past. If you put enough time, effort and love into something, you can become a master at it.


When was the last time you travelled? We’re not talking about a simple vacation to a resort in Spain, although that can be wonderful. We mean travelling somewhere exotic, somewhere that challenges you and throws you in the deep end culturally. You may decide to go hiking in Iceland or exploring the Amazon jungle with professional guides. Travel broadens your horizons and absolutely expands your spirit, so be sure to consider how frequently you have practiced this, and if a change can be made - make it!

With these practical efforts, you are sure to never bore quite as easily again!

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