Friday, 31 August 2018

* Capsule Wardrobe Tips for Men for the Winter

When it comes to men, less is sometimes more. If you have already mastered creating your small wardrobe and bought some stunning collections and accessories to combine, it might be time to help your other half stay stylish without having to splash out on clothes shopping every month. Below you will find a few capsule wardrobe tips for men that will help you design their looks for every occasion.

Ties and Scarves

In case your man already has a couple of outfits he wears, but they don’t have a way of making them look unique and sophisticated, it might be time to get them a couple of ties and scarves to add some colour and a personal touch, You should check out the latest John Henric ties for men to find out the best combination. A good tie or a scarf will change any grey or brown suit into a stunning outfit. 

Casual Coats 

If you would like your man to look great when you go out to meet friends or for lunch, you will have to get them to invest in a smart casual coat. Instead of their general denim jacket and the leather coat, you will have to find an item that can be combined with jeans as well as other smart or casual trousers. From winter suede leather lined jackets to cotton or tweed jackets, there are several great ways of completing a winter look. 

Smart Coats and Jackets

Of course, you will also have to think about the special occasions. Whether you are going to the theatre or are attending a family event, you will need to get your man to invest in a smart coat or jacket. From a simple black or grey overcoat that will keep them warm without ruining their looks to long knitted items for winter nights, there are plenty of choices. Get one that you will grow to like and enjoy wearing. 

Sweaters and Shirts

Of course, you will also have to choose their colours for your winter complexion. If they like wearing winter vests, they might be able to combine these with wool shirts in winter colours and patterns. Alternatively, you can get a couple of V-neck jumpers to put over smart shirts and combine with a tie. 

Tailored and Casual Trousers

If you are ready to create a men's capsule wardrobe, the main items you need to choose carefully is the trousers. Of course, they will already have a collection of jeans and shorts, but you want them to look their best at work and special occasions, too. Get smart tailored trousers in various colours, as well as smart casual cami trousers they can stay comfortable in during the weekend.

Making the most out of a man’s wardrobe can be challenging. Men hate shopping. If you can get them to select their colours and accessories, you will have to take the lead. In the winter, men tend to sit back and prefer staying comfortable. Get them to choose their basic items and colourful ties, scarves, and they can look just as good in the winter as they did in the summer without having to buy a new wardrobe. 

Disclaimer: Collaborative Post.

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