Living Room Decor

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Little by little, each room in our house is beginning to look a little less like a tip and a bit more liveable. As it's the room we use the most, the living room seems to be the first and although it still needs some finishing touches, I thought I would share it with you and let you know where we purchased some pieces from!

As you can see, in the living room we went for a grey and yellow colour scheme. The walls and carpets were already sorted for us when we moved in with it being a new build so we had free reign from there really. I wanted (I say I because Kal literally does not care) neutral with a tiny pop of colour and think we have pulled it off quite well. We would really like a nest of tables to the left side of the sofa and I would like a tall floor lamp to finish it all off, other than that, this area is nearly done! (I may have to get rid of that charcoal throw though because, let's be honest, it doesn't really match does it?!)

You may have noticed the book shelves we use to store our DVD's followed us from the old house. They come in handy and look okay so will do for now but I might like to change them for a single, shorter but longer one some time in the future. Of course, the dog needs his own little area and his dog bed fits in the gap quite nicely which is why we popped him there - no jumping on the new sofa for him!

Plant pot + Cactus - Ikea, Wax Burner - Air Wick

Dream Catcher - Abroad

Other than the TV and cabinet (which is unphotographable as the wires haven't been sorted neatly yet) that is pretty much everything other than a few decorative bits! It definitely isn't finished but we don't want too much clutter so we won't be adding much more to the room. Definitely wanting some art work on the wall when everything is done though!

Let me know, what would you add to the room if it was yours?

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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