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Sunday, August 26, 2018

As a couple of my recent blog posts suggest - I have absolutely fallen in love with wax melts and my rather large candle collection has become redundant. This week I managed to get my hands on another brand to try and so I thought I would tell you my thoughts so far and basically introduce you to... The Lonely Tarts Club.

So, a bit of background first. The Lonely Tarts Club is a vegan friendly, handmade soy wax tart company in East Yorkshire. It is owned by a lady call Rachel who seems to be doing a pretty amazing job considering she only went 'live' in June this year and runs it completely by herself. 

There are currently (at least) 29 scents available and they are very reasonably priced at £1.20 each or 5 for £5. Rachel also stocks some lovely tart burners that are just £4.50 each and are the perfect way to burn your melts! A top tip I noticed on The Lonely Tarts Club Facebook page is that your tarts actually last longer in a candle lit oil burner than they do in an electric one - something I never knew but is definitely worth remembering.

I chose 5 scents for £5 and ended up with Watermelon, Baby Powder, Bakewell Tart, Spiced Plum & Fresh Cut Grass. So far I have only burned Bakewell Tart (because they last a while) but wow am I impressed already. Within minutes of popping the tart in the burner the whole kitchen smelt of amazing baked goods and now the whole house smells of yummy almond after having it on for a short while. I have such high hopes for the other 4 scents I picked up as this one is so nice and I would definitely say it's top 3 scents from all the different wax melts I've tried so far (and I've tried a lot).

As I'm yet to try any more that's about as much as I can share so far but stay tuned as I'm thinking of doing a top 3 scents from all the different brands/melts I've tried. I also have my eye on a few more tarts already including Parma Violets and Rhubard & Custard *insert dreamy eyes*. Let me know, do you love a good tart? Will you be joining The Lonely Tarts Club?

The Lonely Tarts Club: Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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