The purple vouchers book

Thursday, August 16, 2018

As I mentioned in my recent Boston Park Farm post, when Kal and I have days off together, we are terrible for not knowing what to do with our days. That's why when someone mentioned The Purple Vouchers Book to Kallum, we thought it was an amazing idea - over £5000 worth of saving plus an array of new places we've never thought about before? Bingo! (and yes, there is even a voucher for bingo in there!) So if you live in the South or West Yorkshire areas and enjoy saving money then keep reading!

So, as I've mentioned, The Purple Vouchers Book is available in 2 versions - Doncaster/South Yorkshire and Leeds/West Yorkshire. We have recently moved from East Yorkshire to South Yorkshire so of course, we picked up that one. That being said however, you can view the list of places, featured in the book, online so if you don't mind travelling then you could pick up any really.

The book itself comes in sections - Leisure Time, Retail Therapy, Family Dining and Food on the Move. Personally, I think there is a little something for everyone inside as I'm sure if you don't like a category/ place then there are plenty others to choose from. What I've also noticed is that although there are plenty of popular/mainstream places included, there is also a large amount of independent businesses inside. Not only is it great to support local, smaller businesses, it's also good that you may not have heard of some of them - and it's always fun to try somewhere new.

The standard price for the new 18/19 book is £29.95 - but we actually got ours on an offer where we paid £22 and got last years book free too! I really think it's worth the price in the long run when you realise how much it can really save you, from it's 2 for 1's to the occasional freebies.

I know for certain that The Purple Vouchers Book is going to be a definite feature on the blog for a while as we're excited to try all the places inside and of course, share our savings and some reviews with you all along the way! (for example Boston Park Farm who I reviewed recently is actually featured in the book which I didn't know at the time but would be interested in doing more posts similar!)

Let me know, have you heard of these books before? Are you looking forward to hearing about new places?

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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