Thursday, 13 September 2018

* Boosting Exposure Right Before a Product Launch

If you’ve been putting in long and time-consuming hours on getting your product ready for launch, you probably want as many as possible to know about it. Marketing a product is a bit different from marketing your business as a whole, though, and it’s so important that you reach out to prospective customers through all channels.

Here is a handful of ways on how to boost the exposure of your business, its brand, and the new product right before it’s ready for lift off. That way, you can rest assured that everyone at least knows about it - even if it should crash and burn, in the end.
First: Work your social media channels

The very best way to market a new product is, luckily, also one of the most cost-effective ones. Social media is where all of your new, old, and current customers are hanging out lately - and if you want to approach them in a low-key and informal way, this is the way to do it.

It’s not as easy as just smashing up a few well-written posts and hitting the publish-button, though, as you’d need to give it some proper thought first. There are ways to do social media marketing that are better than others and there are, of course, times of the day when you should try to hit that publish-button a bit more frequently.

Treat yourself to a bit of social media training before the days leading up to your product launch, and you should even be able to craft some kickass videos about the product. It’s a great way to show your audience how they can use it - and it’s an even better way to give them a face to associate with the product.

You might want to find someone who is a natural in front of the camera and who knows how to communicate with your target audience; otherwise, the video may work against you rather than with you.

Next: Attend some networking events

While social media is key to boosting your online exposure, networking events are key to boosting the exposure you get offline. By attending networking events in your area, you’ll be able to not only meet people who may be interested in working with you in the future - but you will also be able to talk about the big launch of your new product.

It’s a good idea to bring a stack of business cards as well as practising to summarise what your product is in five sentences or less. Finally, keep in mind that you should try to listen to others as well as they’re also there to increase their own network.

By going out of your way to listen to others and help them out, you’ll become an invaluable part of their business network - and they might talk about you and your business to others. That’s the kind of word of mouth you desperately need right before the product launch.

When you manage to use all channels and all platforms to talk about your products while also keeping yourself from pushing it on people, you’re mastering a fine balancing act. It’s important for the future of your business, though, and definitely worth the effort you put in.

Disclaimer: Collaborative post.

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