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* Careers that You Can Fit Around Family Life

Having children can make having a career difficult, but it is not impossible. There are jobs that will fit around family life, and with many employers now offering flexible working hours it is easier than ever. Remember, that one day your children will have a life of their own and if you have not worked since they were little you will find a very different workplace to the one you were last in. Technology and new innovations have made a big difference to the world of work, but they have also made having a family and a career a much more likely prospect.

School Related Jobs

Jobs that allow you to work the same hours that your children are at school are sometimes the obvious choice. That could be as a teaching assistant, in the school kitchens or maybe driving the bus that takes children to and from school. You may even want to be a teacher, and if that is the case perhaps you should look at the site of Simply Education to stand a good chance of finding a job in the area and with the age of children you want. There are so many positions that you need to really narrow down what you want.

The big advantage of a school-related job is that you have the same holidays as your children. Although you may not earn as much money for those times, at least you know you will be at home with them.

Freelancing From Home

Within reason, freelancing from home lets you work whatever hours you want, and that could be while the children are at school or in bed of a night. You will always have deadlines to meet, but as long as you do that and the quality of your work is good enough, there are all sorts of professions that use freelancers.

Among the many freelance jobs, you could do from home are web developing, customer support, design work, writing, marketing, social media consultant, accounting and virtual assistant.

Careers Where You Choose The Hours

There are some jobs where you choose what hours you work, and if you need time off you just take it. This could be as a taxi driver, as part of a ridesharing scheme, a hairdresser or maybe as an appraiser for an estate agent. These and many others are all jobs that do not demand a normal 40-hour week unless that is what you want to do.


If you love kids and do not mind looking after other peoples, you might want to consider registering as a childminder. This gives you the flexibility you need to be able to be there for your children, and lets you earn some extra cash at the same time. This is the sort of career that many people carry on even after their own children have grown.

Having children can take over your life, but you have to remember you are more than a parent. Although it is very admirable to want to be a stay at home parent, for some people it is also brain numbing, and they need to be =doing something else too. Having a career that fits around family life can be the answer, and the extra money always comes in useful.

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