Creating Narnia (Hinch Haul)

Sunday, September 2, 2018

I'm sure by now you've all heard of Mrs Hinch and her Narnia (complete with Minkeh, Pinkeh, Buddy, Vera and Stuart) but if not, where have you been? Like many other's I've fallen into to the downward spiral of 'Mrs Hinch made me do it' and that's why today I thought I'd do a little Hinch Haul of my Narnia. 

For anyone who doesn't know what on earth I'm babbling on about - a lovely lady called Sophie has created an Instagram dedicated to home/cleaning and has grown a whopping 75k followers in just weeks. She gives the best tips and shares the must have cleaning products which has resulted in many shops completely selling out. Narnia is her cleaning stash and like many others, I've caved and made my very own!

First up, I bought a spray mop (Vera as Sophie likes to call it). I actually never knew these existed but omg I'm in love. It doesn't leave the floor over wet and is so convenient.
Next up, I bought 2 baskets. These are perfect storage as they keep everything neat and tidy but are also easy to move around the house with you as you go.
Now onto the cloths, 'Minkeh and Buddy' are in too high of a demand so I had to buy the next best things. Scrub Buddy is only £1.99 for 3 in B&M and is a perfect alternative for 'Minkeh'. This Kitchen Cleaning System set, also from B&M, was also a steal at £1.49 and has a 'fake' Buddy inside (the polishing cloth).
The last thing that doesn't go in my little basket filing system are these Duck Fresh Disks - these where £3 from Sainsburys and are great as long as you've got the knack! Don't be stupid and leave the cap on when trying to dispense one, though as it makes a right old mess.

The wipe filing cabinet - my handy little friend. Basically, you can put any wipes you think you'll need in here but for reference I've got - Disposable Toilet Wipes, Multi-Surface Polish Wipes, Anti-Bac Wipes, Floor Wipes and Wood Wipes. All of these where roughly £1 each (or less) from a mixture of supermarkets and bargain shops such as Wilkos and Poundland. I've also got some Magic Erasers hiding in the back of this which are a 'cheaper version' and were less than £2 in Lidl.

The main star of the show now, my sprays etc. In here I've got pretty much everything you could ever need and all so cheap.
Fabric Freshener, Air Freshener, Shake & Vac, Polish, 1001 Carpet Freshener, Stardrops Window Cleaner, Stardrops White Vinegar, Stardrops Pine Disinfectant, Dettol Anti-Bac Spray, Cif Stainless Steel Spray and Cif Actifizz are in the main bulk and were all £1 or under at bargain shops. Zoflora is also a hold grail across the board and is only £1-£2 from a range of shops from supermarkets to smaller stores such as Home Bargains and Savers.

All settled in it's forever home, my 'Narnia' is *complete*. I've spent all day cleaning the house from top to bottom and my partner said the house smelt 'too clean'. Good result if you ask me. 

Let me know, have you fallen for the Mrs Hinch hype? Do you have a Narnia? One thing I will say is that I've fallen down a very deep and dark hole and I'm not sure I want to get out!

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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