My favourite childhood memories

Friday, September 21, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks 'jordancourtney' has become a little 'Collaborative Post' heavy and although I like sharing things a bit different every now and then, that's not what I'm about. Today I thought I'd bring it back a bit and get a little more personal with a 'favourite childhood memories' post. Bare with me though, because things might just get a bit emosh.

Anyone who knows me personally will know my childhood wasn't the best. I won't lower the tone of this blog post but just know, mum and I had a really hard time day in, day out for approx. 10 years. My only real escape, my days out with gramps and my auntie. My favourite childhood memories.

Usually a Sunday, Louise would take me to Gramps house in the car early in the morning. Every time without fail he would be ready for us, all packed up - complete with paste sandwiches (beef, crab or salmon), Mr. Kipling slices and a flask of tea. Off we would go on an adventure (and I'm pretty sure I remember my gramps using a map to direct Louise if we went anywhere new, so you can tell this was 10+ years ago!). Our usual vibe was a nice stately home or somewhere with gardens and ponds. Hornsea Mere and Sewerby Hall were the top 2 I'm sure, but that was always good for me as I got to take part in a little game of crazy golf or a look around the zoo.

After a lovely fun day out, there was always time for a nap in the car home which made the journey go so quickly. I swear I closed my eyes for just a minute and we were home. Usually we would go back into Gramps house for a little while where Louise would have another cuppa and I would sit and play the wooden solitaire set. (I'm pretty sure I only ever won if I cheated!).

 I remember my grandad had this Swiffer Mop and for some reason I LOVED it! I would always ask if I could clean his floors with it - strange child! Louise would always try bribe us to clean her car and sometimes, it actually worked, but I never minded! After a while it was time to go but I never wanted the days to end. Until next week. My little escape. My favourite childhood memories. 

My heart broke into a million pieces when my Gramps passed away May 2017 but I'm so grateful I have these memories forever- One of very few men who I will ever love and trust. The man who I spent most of my happiest childhood memories with. The funniest, sassiest grandad you could ever meet. My fighter Grampy Phil. Heartbroken is not the word. Sleep tight Gramps


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