Oh, Christmas Tree. Oh, Christmas Tree.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Okay, so I know it's still 'only' November and it's not very traditional of me but the tree is up and boy am I excited. Christmas is my second favourite 'holiday' of the year (Bonfire Night is my #1) so I like to milk it as long as possible. I do live with the actual Grinch though so it did take a fair bit of eyelash fluttering to even buy one, let alone put it up. 

This Christmas is our first Christmas in our own home and when we moved from rented to mums, we threw all our Christmas dec's away in order to minimise hoarding. This meant we got to start an absolute fresh with decorations this year so I was definitely in my element.  Today I thought I would share my pride and joy with you all and let you know where bits and pieces were from!

There we have it - Christmas 2018. Let me know, when do you put your tree up? What's your colour scheme? Any Christmas post requests this year?

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