Sunday, 16 December 2018

10 Tips for Creating an Email Sign Up Form - Blog Tools

As the new year looms I'm once again thinking about the blog. Is it something I want to continue? Is it going in the direction I hope it would? This little blog of mine has been running since 2014 and as much as I adore it, I know it will never be my main priority as for me, it's just a little hobby. That doesn't mean to say that I don't want it to be the best it can be and with a little help from Campaign Monitor, it's possible.

As a blog follower myself, I know that an email newsletter is a great blogging tool. Whether you just want to send out a little design when a new post goes live or you want to go all out with a little magazine every week/month - it's important to go about it in the right way. As I'm looking into it more and more I'm realising the most important part is of course sign ups (you need people to send it to once it's written after all). That's why I've tracked down this amazing infographic from Campaign Monitor - to get the top tips and make sure that if I do it, I do it right.

Let me know, do you do email marketing? What do you think of Campaign Monitors tips? I'd love feedback!

Disclaimer: This blog post is a collaboration and the infographic shown is from Campaign Monitor as stated, however, all other text is my own.

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