Feeling Festive with Sous Chef

Sunday, December 2, 2018

As I mentioned in this post - Christmas is my second favourite 'holiday' of the year and due to excitement, my tree has been up for well over a week already. That's why I was so excited when Aisha from Sous Chef contacted me and asked if I wanted to take a look at a couple of pieces from their Christmas gift section. Today I'm going to share what I chose with you and do a little review while I'm at it. Like gin and cake? If so, keep reading!

Anyone who knows me will know that Gin is my go-to for an alcoholic drink and cake is my absolute favourite sweet treat. So obviously there's no surprise that they're the items I were drawn to.

I just want to start by saying the packaging for this is so cute and I can completely understand why it would make a nice gift. I think this would be a lovely gift for someone a bit more mature and makes a lovely Christmassy treat. My favourite parts are the extra added details like the string and the little red metal detail and I think you could definitely get away with not gift wrapping this at Christmas.

The next thing I have to mention about this - the smell. On my goodness, the smell. So sweet and amazing. I struggled to take the photos for this because I just wanted to have a bite and as far as I can remember, I don't think I've actually ever tried Panettone before! This was so delicious and I would 100% recommend if you're stuck for gift ideas. I know for a fact that my mum would love one of these so I might have to make another little order!

If I received this for Christmas I would be SO excited. I have thoroughly fallen into the Gin hype and as I have already mentioned, it is my go-to drink! This gorgeous little set would be perfect for any alcohol lover and I feel like it's maybe aimed at the younger generation - 18+ only though, let's be sensible. A little note - Gin & Glass not included!

Inside this lovely little set you receive a crushing/mixing spoon, 4 gin infusions and a 'tasting notes' booklet. What I love about this is that you don't really need to know what you are doing as the booklet gives you some great ideas, as do the lids of the infusions. I personally can't wait to try the rose petals in a pink gin, with plenty of ice and a berry garnish - Instagram goals!

There we have it, my two Christmas gift selections - both which I adore! Have you ever ordered from Sous Chef? Which Sous Chef gifts do you want to find under your Christmas tree this year? 

This post is/was in no way sponsored however, Sous Chef kindly sent me these products to review and create this post with! All opinions and photographs are my own. Any questions - please feel free to ask either below or by email/Twitter.


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