The Hardest Thing About Planning a Wedding

Friday, December 7, 2018

The past few months I've wrote a few wedding posts, all mostly with a jokey undertone - will I turn into a bridezilla? Why is everything so bloody expensive? You know the drill. When I sit and really think about it though, as lovely and as magical as it all can be - I'm yet to mention the hardest thing about planning a wedding. The people who won't be there.

Over the years I have unfortunately lost some people in my life - and as it usually goes, it's always the most important people in life that you lose. The ones with the special bonds. The ones who share the most love.

As wedding planning goes on, I'm noticing more and more how people only seem to care who is there. 'Why is so-and-so not invited? Why is SHE invited?' But, at the end of the day - I would trade them all for the people who can't be there - and that's what's the hardest thing.

My Auntie Jackie, a lady who literally saved mine and mums life. She isn't here to share our day, to hear the stories or even to see photographs afterwards. I would give anything to see her face beaming as I walked down the aisle on our special day. She would have given me the biggest hugs, told everyone she couldn't believe how tall I'd got and told me how beautiful I looked 100 times over (even if I looked like a dog).

Grampy Phil, the best man in the world. 'One of very few men who I will ever love and trust. The man who I spent most of my happiest childhood memories with.'. He hated fuss, he hated spotlight and he definitely hated weddings - but I tell you one thing - he would have been so happy and he would have trawled through all our photos, listened to all our stories and then made the best jokes about all of our guests. 

So as lovely and amazing wedding's can be, try not to forget about the hardest parts that get overlooked. When you're there moaning and calling someone because you're not invited to their wedding or someone you don't like will be attending - think of the people who aren't lucky enough to share their special day with them at all - because they're the people who truly matter.

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