Kallum's Corner - Weddings and 5 things I didn't realise people care about

Friday, February 15, 2019

As you can clearly see, Jord has been neglecting her blog abit. With all the wedding planning and shouting at me, she hasn't really got time for it. However, I feel those who do like to read this blog deserve content - so I shall now give you a list of 5 things to do with our wedding that I honestly did not realise people cared so much about.

Seating Plans

Now, where to start with seating plans... it turns out nobody that goes to a wedding like each other and none of them know it. You just kinda have to play a human verison of tetris until they all fit together in a way that wont end up like WW3. I have never found anything harder in my life then seating 31 people round 4 tables for the sake of a couple of hours.

Guest List

To invite or not to invite, that is the question! With it being a small gathering during the day it was only the best of the best that made the cut. Little did we know everyone has an opinion on your guest list for your wedding and the line "its your day do what you want" is obviously said in jest. NOBODY WANTS YOU TO HAVE WHAT YOU WANT.


You can set every limit in the world for your wedding, having it planned to a T - you can know to the exact penny what everything is going to cost and I can guarantee, you will fail. Nothing goes to plan... and everything costs a fortune.

Wedding Favours

I don't know who's idea it was that you pay for everyone else to come down, have a party, you feed them while they are there and then at the end to top it off.... you... give them.... a little present for coming. What kind of sick joke is that?! Never mind thanks for coming more like thanks for leaving! This wedding stuff is backwards!

My Opinion

So, I always thought when it came to this wedding planning stuff: as long as my wallet was available, I didn't have to be.... I was wrong, so very wrong. Apparently "I don't care" and "what ever you want sweetie" are not valid responses to questions about the wedding and they will result in:
  • the silent treatment
  • the death glare
  • irrational shouting and screaming
  • multiple threats of wedding cancelling
  • objects flying across the room towards me 
  • finally the 'make you feel guilty' tears (A.K.A the finisher)

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed my view of the wedding planning so far and you may hear from me again soon.

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions are that of my fiancé, Kallum's. This post is for comical value only.


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