What do you do when the wedding is planned?

Monday, April 22, 2019

To anyone who isn't interested in weddings or is just simply bored of my wedding posts. I apologise, because unfortunately here's another one. Funnily enough though, today I'm talking about when it's all over. (No, you haven't missed the big day, there's at least 5 months more worth of blog posts yet to come)

So, with only 138 days/ just over 4 months until the wedding, most things are pretty set for now. Everything is booked, deposits are paid and the money is waiting to be drained from our bank accounts. We've hit a lull, so now what? Any long-ish term readers will know already that wedding planning started August last year so it's kind of taken over our lives a bit. It's taken over conversations, emails and even some of my dreams in that time so now I'm wondering what to do with myself.

I must admit, I'm SO happy that there's not many more months of drama left - as excited as I am for the big day - I still wish we had eloped! But... when something has literally consumed your life for so long, it's hard not to worry that we might slip into the post wedding blues (when I say we I completely mean I). So, after a quick google and a pick of my own brains, I've found a little list of things to do that may extend the wedding 'fun' a little longer. (Okay, maybe not all so fun - but never the less - things that shouldn't be forgotten!)

Get Your Outfit Cleaned
When you've spent a fair whack (or any amount of money for that matter) on your dress/suit, it's important to keep it well looked after ready for storing, donating or selling. Whether you send it for dry cleaning or decided to clean it yourself, it's definitely something not to be forgotten about.

Change Your Name
If you have taken your partners name after marriage, it's important to inform all big/ important companies so you don't get into trouble. I'd say the biggest are things like passport/driving license but don't forget anything car related, bill related and even the bank!

Thank You's
Don't forget the thank you cards, calls or even texts/emails if that's how you roll. Thank people for the cards, gifts or even just for sharing your special day with you. It's a lovely touch and will be appreciated by most!

Make An Album
Print the photos - by guests, by the photographer, by you - print them all, reminisce and make an album. Laugh, cry and be thankful. Photos last forever so making an album is a really great way to remember the day. Heck, make it your new coffee table book if you really want.

Hide Away & Relax
Take some time, just the two of you. Enjoy each others company with no worry about wedding planning. Eat left over cake, share your favourite parts of the wedding together and just relax. Here's to the next adventure.

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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