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Aquila Rithymna Beach - Honeymoon

*Delayed post - I wrote this post at the end of 2019 so if the timeline seems a little confusing that's why *

I'm sure every man and his dog is aware by now that we got married in September as I can't stop talking about it but I'm just so excited still. We were very lucky that we were able to go on our honeymoon straight after the wedding (literally the day after) and even luckier that we had such an amazing time whilst we were there. That's why I couldn't resist writing a little blog post about it and sharing the beautiful hotel with you all!


Aquila Rithymna Beach - Rethymnon, Crete, Greece. 

Absolutely beautiful inside and out, from beginning to end! Kal and I have never actually been abroad together and we didn't count ourselves as 'abroad people' really, we have always been super happy with a staycation! We took a bit of a shot in the dark with the hotel and location but we were so pleased with our choice. When browsing, Kal had lots of things he wanted (All inclusive, Coach transfers etc etc) but I just wanted to make sure the reviews on Trip Adviser were reasonable. In the end, we got it all!

When we arrived to check in it was super late and we were so tired but our day was made when we were told we had been upgraded! I had also let TUI know that it was our honeymoon so we were so grateful to arrive to flowers, wine and a little card!

The room was amazing and was actually a family room as it had two bedrooms! It was the shortest walk to the pool and had the most beautiful distant view of the sea from our patio doors. There was a slight palava with a gecko in our room but after a funny phone call to reception, a visit from the night porter and a dustpan and brush - it was soon sorted.

The hotel was huge but in a good way (no wandering round getting lost) - we had everything we needed and a little bit more. On site they have a shop, multiple restaurants and direct access to the beach. The main building housed everything we needed and was just a couple of minute walk away from our bungalow style room. If we fancied a little more of a walk (and I mean minutes more) we could find a separate restaurant, the shop, event area etc etc.

On an evening there was entertainment running whether it be live music or a show (and there was also a little entertainment area for the children every night). If you didn't fancy the show though, there was a bar area where you could grab yourself some drinks. We went to about 2 shows all in all because my anxiety of audience participation couldn't cope any longer and I lost the will when Kallum was called up on stage. (Funny to watch but I wasn't taking any risks). They even ran a 'midnight snack' in the main building and Kallum went down most evenings to see what he could nibble on.

There were 4 outdoor pools to choose from and one in doors too if you fancied! We gravitated to the main pool every day as you could practically see it from our room. We went All Inclusive with it being our honeymoon and the service around the pool was fantastic. There were plenty of bar staff working by the pool all day and they couldn't do enough for you. The drinks menu was pretty extensive and in true holiday style we took part in day drinking most days.

Although there were plenty of people staying at the hotel, I don't think we ever struggled for a spot by the main pool until it was nearly time to come home. Even then there was plenty of other places for us to go. They let inflatables in the pool (which is know is a huge no, no in some places due to safety) and even sell them in their shop on site. This was fab for me as I can't swim so this meant I could still cool off in the pool without drowning. As you can see, my ginger skin doesn't cope to well with the sun so I was shade bathing most days and still came home a huge freckle.

The food was lovely in the hotels main dining room and there were themed nights available to choose from too. I must admit we did sign up for a themed night one evening (Asian food I think) and as we can be quite picky we did struggle a bit there and ended up going to the main dining room later in the evening (which we didn't realise wasn't allowed at the time but it got sorted in the end). The snack bars through-out the day were amazing too and I can honestly say I don't think I've ever eaten as much as I did here.

Cute little quirks of the hotel included this adorable 'Cat Café' where you could leave food for the local stray cats. During our time in Greece we saw so many strays and realised how over run they are with wild cats. It really broke my heart seeing all the baby kittens without loving homes and I actually shed a few tears during the week. (Sad cat mum here). 
The street the hotel was on was a prime tourist spot (not too touristy, not too loud etc) and had the perfect amount of shops/attractions. We happily took a wander most days and I actually felt so chilled wandering round. This was great for grabbing extra room snacks and we ended up going through so many crisps!

Our honeymoon really was a trip of a life time and we enjoyed it from beginning to end. We would happily return again and it honestly gave us the best memories. Hopefully we can return here on one of our anniversaries!

(*I just want to add a little disclaimer here that I am in no means bragging. As mentioned this was our first ever trip abroad together and with it being our honeymoon we did splurge a little*)

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.

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