Celebrating a Birthday in lockdown

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

During this crazy time, there will be quite a few people that have had to experience a birthday during lockdown. One of them being my husband. Although it wasn't ever going to be the same and there will always be chance to celebrate after the pandemic - I wanted to try my best to make it as normal as I could, or at least tolerable. Here's just a few things I did so we could celebrate at home.

First of all, we got all presents ordered online and delivered to our house. I would have obviously had to do this anyway but his sister and my family all did the same too meaning he still got his presents and cards on his actual birthday. Once they arrived I wrapped them all and wrote who each one was from - I didn't manage to get any birthday wrapping paper but this brown paper that we already had worked fine and after all it only goes in the recycling bin!

I also picked up a Happy Birthday banner from Amazon which were little individual letter balloons and so easy to put together!

Next up, a 'cake'. Kal isn't much of a fan of traditional birthday cakes so his request was a cheesecake. I made one myself from him and the ingredients were really easy to get hold of. I know the shops haven't been great stock wise during the whole of lockdown so a cheesecake was actually a great alternative as we obviously didn't need any flour etc. I used this Jane's Patisserie recipe but swapped the Galaxy chocolate for Cadbury's. It was honestly so delicious.

When picking presents as well as getting gifts he could use all the time I also tried to get something he could specifically use now whilst in lockdown. Kal's really into house plants at the minute and I've lost count of how many we have dotted around the house. Both me and his sister got him little grow your own kits which meant he had something to keep him busy during his birthday too. These are some (hopefully) cute little Aloes that we've planted!

As another little treat we ordered some food for delivery so neither of us had to cook or struggle in the supermarket! We found somewhere local who does hot pork and I went for this yummy yorkshire pudding wrap and kal got a foot long hot dog! Talk about birthday treats! We haven't been ordering takeaways during lockdown as I've been a bit paranoid but I'm glad we decided to this time as we both really enjoyed it.

As if the cheesecake wasn't enough to satisfy our sweet tooth - we also got some free donuts with our order which was so nice! These felt extra special as they were like seaside donuts and of course, we can't go right now so this was the next best thing!

I think we managed to make the best of the day given the circumstances and like I say, as soon as lockdown is over it will be more of a reason to celebrate properly! If you have a birthday coming up during lockdown - all is not lost! Celebrate at home with your loved ones, via Zoom/Skype or even socially distancing (when permitted). Have you celebrated a lockdown birthday? Let me know what you did to make it as special as possible!

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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