* Organising A Killer Stag Do

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A stag do is one of the most important days of a guy’s life, and marks the end of his single life before he marries his true love. As a best man or a groomsmen, it is your mission to plan the best stag do you can for your friend, and this can include a trip away, a pub crawl, or a unique activity like axe throwing.

Today we want to take you through the important steps when planning a great stag do.

Decide who’s invited

Before you start planning a stag do you need to consider the size of the party. The number of people who come on a stag do will determine the activity and the type of party you have. If there is a small group of you, you may want to keep it lowkey in a pub, whereas if there is a larger group, an activity might be better.

At home or away?

The next thing to think about when planning a stag do is whether you will have it at home, in your local town, or away somewhere abroad. This will largely depend on the time of year and your budget. If you have a limited budget staying close to home might be a better way to spend your time but if you all have money saved up, a trip away could be a great idea.

Think budget

Budget is the most crucial part of planning any party, and what you are able to afford will determine your plans. Make sure you have a set budget for a stag do and also ensure that every member of your party can afford their share without a struggle.

Consider fancy dress

What’s better than a load of drunk guys going from pub to pub on a stag do? A load of drunk guys dressed up as fairies. Have some fun during your stag do and dress everyone up as characters or in funny leotards. The whole point of a stag do is having fun and taking the mick out of yourselves, so make the most of it today and get dressed up!

Plan out your route

The route you take on a pub crawl is going to determine the kind of night you have, and there are several ways you can choose a great route for a pub crawl. The first option is to get on a train 10 stops away from home and visit one pub at every step on the way back. It’s an easy idea and it will ensure that the more drunk you get, the closer you are to home. Another option is simply to play Russian roulette with pubs in your local area and take a random tour. This might be a bit more risky but you’ll be closer to home all night.

Be unique

Instead of a pub crawl, you could organise a unique day out for your mates. Zorbing, go karting, axe throwing… have some fun finding unique events and activities to try this year.

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