* 5 great benefits of the Staycation

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The idea of a staycation has grown popular in recent months; for obvious reasons, traveling overseas may be dangerous at the moment and subject to restrictions. But the idea of a staycation isn't such a terrible one. It can save us money, support local economies, and provide the same energy refresher without going near an airport. Here are five great benefits of the staycation. 

The Break is Local

OK, so something is appealing about jetting off to somewhere overseas. It's novel; you don't know the language, the culture is different; there are different foods to try. But it's not all positive. Being so far from home means you have to shut down your life for a week or two, ask someone to look after the pets, and cancel all your appointments. That's not always the case with a staycation. You can have all the benefits of a refreshing break but without the hassle of airports and jet lag. 

Enjoy the Local Sights

One of the great things about going on vacation abroad is the chance to see new places and have new experiences. But it's possible to do that at home. How much do you really know about your local area? If you do an Internet search, chances are you will encounter some places or events you didn't know existed. Save money, time, and energy on traveling abroad and book a weekend away in a fancy hotel instead. A further benefit is supporting the local economy, which may not get as many tourists. 

A Break is a Break

When most people think of a vacation, they naturally think about traveling overseas. This is how we've been brought up to think about vacations, so it's not surprising. When you stop to think about a vacation, however, what is it really for? If it is for visiting a special location in the world, you won't have any choice but to travel there, but if you only need some recovery and inspiration that can be arranged much closer to home. All you need to do is break your habits and spend a little time doing something you love to bring back the energy. 

You Save Money

Although overseas travel costs were falling before the pandemic hit, it was still very expensive to travel abroad. You had to book flights, accommodation, pay for travel costs, and spending money. Everything had to be carefully planned in case you forgot something because if you did, it was a long way back. With a staycation, your expenses are far lower; you only need some accommodation and spending money. Also, if you forget something, you are never too far away.

You Know the Area

When you go on a trip overseas, you want the locals to know something about the area. Whether it's the person working in the local hostel or the local garage where you hire New Vauxhall vans, you would be surprised if they didn't know some of the history you've read in the guidebook or basic information about the local landmarks. But is that something you could do? Could you explain to a foreign person about the local places of interest in your area? If the answer is 'no,' then why not learn about them on your staycation.

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