5 things to do during lockdown/isolation

Friday, November 6, 2020

Since the month of March, the words isolation and lockdown have been the main topics floating around most households. (Well other than the C word) Whether it's because the PM said we have to, because we've had a positive test or just because we may have come into contact with 'it' - we've all had to isolate at some point and I think it's fair to say it can become pretty boring. Now, I can't say I'm a pro at keeping myself busy however we have had to 3 lots of 2 week isolations since March and that's without the actual lockdown so I've picked up a few little things to keep me occupied along the way and I thought I'd share them incase it can give any of you inspiration too! 


At the beginning of lockdown especially I made it my task to get into a bit of scrapbooking. We already had the books as I had one from our wedding as well as a couples one we got for Christmas one year so all I really needed was pictures and accessories! I went on Snapfish and ordered some prints (you get 50 free a month) and then just picked a few bits on amazon quite cheaply like double sided tape and coloured card! I already had sharpie pens too so that was another expense spared. I actually really enjoyed doing this and it kept me busy for a few days just doing these two. The beauty is you can scrapbook about anything - from old family photos to more up to date days like what you're doing through lockdown! 


Now, I understand puzzles and games maybe aren't for everyone but when restrictions were eased I nipped to a garden center and while I was there I found a lovely jigsaw! If jigsaws aren't your thing however (I do realised I'm a little old before my time) there are plenty of other options such as board games, puzzle books or apps on your phone! If you have any old magazines lying around you could even have a flick through to see if the crosswords have been done in them. 


I know it's getting a bit chilly and damp outside now but on the rare occasion we do have a warmer day - it's actually so nice to get a bit of fresh air outside and make your space look the best it can! You don't even have to go and spend money for this to work - for example giving your grass a good cut and dead-heading any of your plants could be an afternoon well spent. If the weather is a bit too miserable - why not try your hand at indoor planting? For example, picking up a 'grow your own ...' kit or simply picking up some soil, seeds and pots and seeing what beautiful plants/flowers you can grow!

Start a Side Hustle

Again, possibly not something for everyone but I know so many people who have managed to start up small businesses during lockdown/isolation. Whether its prints, crafts, pick&mix, cocktails or blogging. Isolation could be the extra spare time you need to really knuckle down and feel inspired and dedicated. This doesn't have to come with a start up charge either, there are plenty of side hustles you can do without forking out a single penny to begin with. For example, you can start a blog completely free or if you're good at art you could create your own digital prints/illustrations for customers to buy and print at home!

Self Care

Two words that get thrown around quite a lot these days but are so important. Use isolation/lockdown to really look after yourself and focus on what you need to make yourself happy and content. Whether that means taking the time to take extra care of yourself, using the time to reach out to loved ones or simply just floating along doing the things that make you happy - there has never been a better time because all we really have is time! Isolation/lockdown can be hard and it's so important to do what you need to do to keep you both happy and healthy. Never be alone and always reach out to people if you need it but if you need space, that's ok too.

So there we have it. They're just 5 things that you could do during isolation but there are tonnes more if you put your mind to it! It hasn't been an easy year for most and it's so important to do what you need to keep yourself alive and smiling. Don't be afraid to take some extra time if you need it but equally don't be afraid to reach out to your loved ones when you need that too. We're all in the same boat at the end of the day.

What have you done to keep yourself busy during lockdown/isolation?

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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