Bedroom Makeover

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

So I'm a little delayed with this post but at the end of last year we decided to redecorate our bedroom as our bed had been broken for quite a while after being moved from house to house so we had to order a new one of those anyway. The room was literally the same as it was when we first moved in and it was definitely time for a change. I really wanted to get rid of the purple in there and switch it out for a new colour scheme and one of the biggest things for me was to also get rid of the magnolia walls. I'm still, a year on, super pleased with how it turned out and it's definitely my favourite room in the house so I thought I'd do a little post on how we did it.

So, as I mentioned the old bed was broken - it was actually about 7 years old and had been taken apart and reassembled 3 times in just over a year and had never gone back together quite the same as the first time. It was a fabric sleigh type bed in a gorgeous deep purple colour but as I'd had it since I was about 16 it was definitely time to change up the colour scheme. We decided to go for a wooden bedframe instead as I knew I didn't want a metal one and although fabric ones are lush, I felt like we would have been tied to another colour scheme again if we were to go down that route. We went for the 'Hip Hop Wooden Bed Frame' from Bensons for Beds in the end as the price was really good and we felt it would match the furniture already in the bedroom quite well too. We also got a new mattress at the same time and honestly, I don't know how we had managed sleeping on the old one for so long!

While we waited for the bed to be delivered we used the time to redecorate the room. We knew we wanted to switch the furniture around in the room and chose a feature wall to do in a stunning navy colour then simply painted the rest of the walls white. This way should we ever want to change the colour up again the feature wall will need most of the work where as the rest will probably just need a touch up. The paint we went for was the Valspar pre-selected paint in the shade Submarine Blue and the colour is just what I envisioned (although it did take a few coats so I'd maybe bare that in mind).

Once everywhere was painted we set to adding accessories - luckily our existing furniture matched really nicely as we'd hoped it would so we just bought a few extras. I picked up some navy velvet boxes from B&M to pop on top of the wardrobe, we had some left over mirrors from our kitchen makeover so popped a few of those on the wall and we were lucky enough to receive a Next voucher for our wedding so I picked up this stunning velvet stool. We also picked up some cheap shelves from B&M and used the same navy paint we had used for the feature wall to make them match. Other than that, the curtains and the rug were both from Dunelm and the lightshade was from The Range so we managed to do it all without breaking the bank.

I'm honestly so glad with how it turned out and as I said earlier, it's definitely my favourite room in the house! I definitely can't see us changing it any time soon that's for sure!

Let me know, do you like a bold wall or is magnolia more your jam? 

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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