It's The Little Things

Monday, November 2, 2020

I think it's so important, this year more than ever to celebrate the small wins - sometimes it can be difficult to see past hard times but it can do you the world of good to try and appreciate the little things and realise it's not all bad. Today I thought I'd just share 5 'little things' that have actually meant so much to me this year in hopes that you'll try think of your own too. 

Homegrown Sunflowers 

This year I tried my hand at growing my own sunflowers and was literally so excited when it actually worked! It started as a fun little competition between me and Kal of who could grow the best but all of mine won so I ended up with 4 beautiful sunflowers. I already can't wait to do the same next year as they made me smile every day through summer!

DIY Home Improvements 

Something else that made me happy this year was the fact we managed to spruce up a few areas in our home ourselves! One of the DIY's I was most pleased with was when I painted the front door and did the front up. I wasn't sure it was going to turn out very well but the results were amazing and I still smile when I pull up to our house.

Homemade Treats 

As with most people this year, I tried my hand at making some nice homemade treats and much to my surprise I found some firm favourites! I managed to make fudge from scratch using the slow cooker which was absolutely insane (I've made it about 3 times since) and I also made Kals birthday cheesecake from scratch back in May too!

Thoughtful People 

We all need a bit of kindness sometimes and just last month a lovely friend messaged me on Instagram to say she had won a competition and wasn't around to collect the prize so gifted it to me! I was so touched by the kind gesture and it honestly meant so much in these difficult times. The treats were absolutely amazing and I can't wait to purchase myself some in the future.

Quality Time

We have been so lucky that we have managed to get some quality time with our nieces in this year as my sister in law is a single person household so we were her childcare/support bubble. We've managed some really lovely socially distanced (from others) days out and it's really meant so much to me. We are isolating at the moment so can't see them again for a little while so it honestly means the world we've had such nice days out.

It really does feel so nice to be able to focus on some of the good times from this year no matter how small they are. It's been a rough year for everyone so there's no harm in celebrating the small wins!

So, what small wins have you had this year?

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