Living Room Makeover

Thursday, November 19, 2020

At the beginning of March (the 5th to be exact) we had a feeling the world was about to go into lockdown and decided to grab the things to finally decorate the living room as it had needed doing for a long time anyway. We nipped out to literally two shops (after browsing online first) and within a couple of hours had everything we needed to get the job done. Us being our impatient selves stupidly decided to do it that very same day and when lockdown was actually announced we were a bit like 'why didn't we leave the decorating a couple more weeks so we had something to do?!' but nevertheless I'm super happy with the changes we made and glad we got it done when we did!

So the living room before was pretty much the same as it had been since we moved in - minus some furniture changes. The walls were magnolia and we had a yellow and grey theme running through which I had gotten a bit bored of in all honesty. We knew we wanted a warmer colour (after initially wanting it pink but every man and his dog doing theirs pink) and eventually picked burgundy/red tones very much like our wedding colour. We also knew we didn't want to wallpaper the walls because once you start you have to carry on really so we stuck with paint. As usual I just wanted the majority of the walls white as I think it looks really fresh and clean but we thought we would be a bit adventurous and go for a feature wall.

We managed to pick up all the things we needed without going too crazy money wise and I think it did the job as it looks completely different! We managed to do it all in a day or two too so we weren't up in the air for too long! The bits we picked up were as follows:

Paint - GoodHome Walls & Ceilings Matt Emulsion - B&Q
Cushions - Balmoral Red Cushion - Dunelm
Blanket 1 - Evan 130cmx180cm Throw - Dunelm
Blanket 2 - Evan 230cmx230cm Throw - Dunelm (discontinued)
Lightshade - Colours Trio 3 Tier Lightshade - B&Q (discontinued)
Curtains - Balmoral Red Eyelet Curtains - Dunelm
Rug - Pico Striped Rug - Dunelm

Nest of Tables - Argos Home Nest of Tables - Argos
Mirror - Nissedal 65cmx65cm Mirror - Ikea

Since April we have actually moved the furniture back round to the very first place we had it and I'm so happy with it all now! I think it looks so warm and cosy but still quite bright and spacious at the same time! It also means every room in the house has been decorated now apart from the spare room which we won't be doing until we need it! Finally!!

Let me know, have you done any decorating over lockdown? If so which room have you done?

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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