Meal Prep - Week 3

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Meal prep week 3 and Kal was very conscious of getting some meals in there that I thought I would really fancy after having a bit of an iffy week last week. We have definitely been getting quicker as time goes on and have really noticed a difference through the week which is why we have been so keen to keep it up. Something extra we noticed was that we could do with a couple of extra lids as when we meal prep Saturday day time we are having to wait until we have both had our tea that day to have enough lids (we were silly and only bought 2 extra dishes) - something to bare in mind if you decide to meal prep yourselves!)

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice - We actually hated this one but I think it could have been because we used a jar instead of making it fresh. We have said we definitely wouldn't put this into our meal prep again but it is personal preference of course and could work for some people which is why I've left it in!

Chicken Dinner - (Note only I had mash and roasts - I'm a mash gal and I'm trying to gain weight while Kal is trying to lose) - The longest thing about this one was the roasts but you could of course leave them out/swap them for something a bit quicker. Another really versitile one as you can put literally any meat and veg in so could work for anyone. We also made sure to make the gravy as we were about to eat them as it's a lot nicer fresh!

Spaghetti Bolognese - This was one I picked as it's one of my faves! Nice and straight forward to make (and potentially even easier if you feel like using a jar instead of making it from scratch like we do). This was really nice for dinner or tea and reheated really nicely too. An all round winner and something we would definitely have again. We add a bit of cheese once it's reheated too!

Turkey Savory Mince, Potatoes and Broccoli - Not one of my favourites as I wasn't keen on the turkey mince but you could have beef/lamb if you wanted anyway! The potatoes were delicious though and reheated perfectly!

Pork Chop, Mini Jacket Potatoes and Roast Carrot - Another yummy option although you do have to be careful reheating as the pork chops can dry out if you over blast them! This one felt like a good dinner or tea meal too so was quite nice all round. Kal added garlic and mixed herbs to the chops for a bit of flavour but you can add literally anything or even leave them plain if you really wanted!

Sausage Casserole, Mash and Green Beans - This one was another brilliant meal prep addition as I did the casserole in the slow cooker meaning I could just put it on and kind of forget about it until I was putting it all together. This reheated really well as the butter in the mash stopped it from drying out and we made sure to put a little extra sauce into each one too. Kal usually hates the idea of a casserole but said he would definitely have this one again which is a bonus.

Pasta Bake - Literally the quickest and easiest meal prep idea. The dishes we use are oven safe so we just put 75g dry pasta in each and divide the sauce into each and then cook for the allotted time (adding some cheese part way of course). This is a good one to freeze and reheat also (just be mindful not to overcook in the microwave as it can go dry). I don't think you can ever really go wrong with a pasta bake.

Another mixed week this week with a couple being not so great but mostly all delicious. I must say this week was probably the week I was questioning my enjoyment most as I struggled to eat a couple of my meals but we decided to keep trying and carry on as it is worth it in the long run saving time cooking through the week. 

As always, let me know what do you think about meal prep? Do you have any recipes in mind that we could try?
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