Meal Prep - Week 5

Friday, November 13, 2020

Literally have the one picture for this week as me and Kal were literally like ships in the night but this was definitely one of my favourite weeks so far! There was a good balance of dinner and tea options and there wasn't a single meal I didn't enjoy all week. I've said it 100 times but the main thing about meal prep really is tailoring the meals to suit yourself and finding out what freezes and reheats well! Now we are in the routine it works so well for us!

Tuna Pasta - A repeat of a meal we have had before but we really enjoy this and it's super quick and easy. We have this in the first 3 days of meal prep as it can't be frozen and simply add the mayo when we're about to eat! (I also add cheese but that's just preference). This is definitely one we will have for weeks to come!

Swedish Meatballs, Mash and Green Beans - Did someone say ikea? We've loved these swedish meatballs for a while now so thought why not add them to meal prep?! Once again, this is another meal where you're better making the gravy fresh but otherwise it worked really well and was a nice no faff cook on meal prep day!

Sausage and Bean Pasties - A perfect dinner time option and once again super easy. As always I just grab a roll of ready rolled puff pastry and they take no time to assemble! These were actually meant to be sausage, bean and cheese melts but I realised about 2 days into the week that I'd actually forgotten to put cheese in them so that was a bit of a fail on my part but they were still really yummy! A bonus is they can be eaten hot or cold too!

Toad in the Hole with Veg - First time trying toad in the hole for meal prep and we weren't sure how well the yorkshire pudding would reheat but we were surprised! We have actually had this again since it worked that well so definitely one to give a try if you're into meal prepping yourself! As always, we just make a fresh gravy when we are serving and it works well for us. 

Pork Chop, Stuffing and Hasselback Potatoes - So, I have to admit I am a little fed up of pork chops by now but this is another good way to show how you can mix it up. As I mentioned last time we did pork, you can flavour them however you wish and as long as you don't overdo them when reheating them they do go really nice! This time we had them with some stuffing (which seemed a bit random I won't lie) and Kal did some fancy potatoes which he didn't enjoy so we won't be having again haha!

Homemade Chicken Burgers - Another rerun, this time from week 2! Admittingly these didn't go as well as the first time we had them but it was a seasoning issue. If you want to give these a try I would recommend not putting too much flour in your coating as it doesn't taste great and makes them a bit chewy when reheated. Don't let this put you off though as these were one of my faves the first time round!

Homemade Chicken Strips, Wedges and Sweetcorn - As above, we had a little flavouring issue with these but I think if the coating had have been right these would have been delicious (however I can't be sure so don't vouch for it). The wedges were great though and are a lovely meal prep option as, with them being thicker than chips, they reheat really nicely!

So, this was a bit of a repeat week as you can see so I apologise if you haven't found much inspiration from it but I think it's quite nice to see how you can switch previously done meals up and if it makes them any better or worse!

As always, let me know what do you think about meal prep? Do you have any recipes in mind that we could try?
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