Meal Prep - Week 6

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Possibly my favourite meal prep week so far (and not because I did it all myself) - this week we managed to bring some really nice new meals into the mix and definitely found a few new favourites too! As I did it all on my own this week, I did do so many dishes one evening and finished the rest on the Saturday morning but I needn't have done this really as it still only took me about 5 hours in the long run! 

Meatball Pasta Bake - Another repeat meal but this time we tried mixing it up a little by adding some chopped up swedish meatballs! As usual this was a really nice meal and I would happily have it with of without the meatballs. I actually quite like having this as a meat free meal but if you wanted meat and didn't fancy meatballs you could add chicken, bacon and/or sausage!

Jacket Potato with Cheese and Beans - Not the most exciting meal of the week but was okay still! The thing about jacket potato is when you reheat it in the microwave it doesn't stay crispy it goes quite soft but it was still a nice filling meal and I would have it in future. This was one we ate at the beginning of the week so could quite easily have had any toppings on! For example, tuna mayo or even chilli con carne!

Chicken Enchiladas - My favourite meal to date! If you have read my earlier meal prep posts you might remember I said I don't really care for mexican food however I love enchiladas and these worked so well for meal prep - they even froze well! I baked these in our individual dishes which worked even better as it meant less washing up for me!

Homemade Sausage (Mc)Muffin - Another absolute favourite - these worked amazingly and I would actually say are nice than the famous variety as they're less greasy! These ended up being really quick and easy to make and reheated lovely too. We didn't attempt to freeze them as we wanted to enjoy them asap but I have read online that you can freeze and reheat them just fine.

Mince Beef and Onion Pie - Another twist on a previously done recipe and possibly the best way in my opinion. This worked so well and all stayed perfect even after freezing. This did feel like a bit of a bit portion but that was my own fault for going a bit overboard - if you were doing portion control however you could just fill the dishes less! Another one that cooks in the individual dishes perfectly!

Hunters Chicken with Rice and Carrots - Absolutely delicious! The extra sauce from the hunters chicken was perfect for giving the rice extra flavour and it all reheated well. If you wanted you could wrap your chicken in bacon (which I didn't purely because I'm lazy) and add extra cheese if you're feeling that way inclined! The carrots were simply there so we had some veg but they were nice nonetheless and didn't go mushy at all.

I can't deny that I was so proud of myself this week for doing it all on my own and it definitely wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! Some absolutely insane meals too which always reassures me that we are doing the right thing!

So, let me know what do you think about meal prep? Do you have any recipes in mind that we could try?

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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