Meal Prep - Week 7

Sunday, November 15, 2020

 The last weekly meal prep post - week 7! We've really got the hang of it now and are trying our best to experiment with some new recipes while also keeping in mind what's worked well previously. This week didn't have too many repeat meals in but the ones that were repeats, we have had a bit of a break from so it's worked out really well!

Roast Chicken Dinner - A nice meal to throw in the mix as you feel like you're not missing out on a Sunday! We just did broccoli, carrots and cauliflower but you could do literally any veg and we chose some lovely roast potatoes as they're Kals favourite but you could easily do mash or no potato! Then we had chicken and stuffing as it worked well so we could make pasties out of the leftovers! A really nice all rounder and cooks lovely - just don't forget the fresh gravy!

Lasagna - A repeat meal - amazing as always! I made my own cheese sauce from scratch for this and it was phenomenal. If anything the portions were a little big.

Cheese and Bacon Creamy Spaghetti - We wanted to mix our pasta up a bit this week so used some spaghetti and a cheese and bacon sauce jar. We threw in a bit of leftover gammon and this was actually so nice. It made quite a nice comfort food meal and was great for either dinner or tea!

Gammon, Carrot Chips and Peas - Not the favourite of the week but was still nice - just possibly needs a bit of work. We slow cooked a joint of gammon which worked really nicely as always and the peas were fine with some butter on but the only problem was the carrot chips. I personally felt like they were coated in too much flour so I would definitely like to try again and see if we can make them any better! I also found the meal a bit dry so a sauce of some kind would be a nice addition too!

Chilli Con Carne - This is something we hadn't had yet as it's something we really have to fancy to want but it made a lovely change and it so straight forward to put together. I had mine with pitta bread and cheese and as you can see here Kal had his with some salted tortilla chips (this made his unfreezable but he was happy having them at the beginning of the week). We both really enjoyed this and will definitely have it again just not very often.

Chicken and Stuffing Pasties - We always have some kind of pastry thrown in there and this week we chose chicken and stuffing pasties so we could make use of the leftovers from the roast dinner (this also keeps cost down if you was wanting to do meal prep on more of a budget). I found these were a bit dry as I didn't put any sauce in them but this could have easily been fixed with a bit of gravy or mayo. This is another we didn't freeze so just had to be eaten at the beginning of the week.

Hot Dogs - We try to add a meal that is quite a quick and easy grab and go dinner so rather than burgers, this week we mixed it up with hot dogs! These actually made a really nice change but something I would say is that if you cook them for too long in the microwave they do go very dry. These are an early in the week type of meal but are great for a quick 2 minute microwave, chuck on some sauce and go!

So that's the end of meal prep week. We've really enjoyed meal prepping so far and are keeping it up. We have been to ikea to grab some extra containers as mentioned earlier in the week and are finding it's really convenient for us both around work. 

Let me know what do you think about meal prep? Do you have any recipes in mind that we could try? Would you like to see more meal prep posts from me? 

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own.


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