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Monday, November 23, 2020

With being a self employed nail technician, hopefully soon to be having IVF and being a general control freak, a good diary/planner is needed in my life! I often look after our nieces and have been having lots of work out days too but have been constantly forgetting what's happening/when. My work diary is too big to carry around and I'm not very good with appointment cards either - I was really after a diary that covered as much as possible and luckily stumbled across The Classy Planner on Instagram after seeing youtubers Syd & Ell talk about it on their stories. I did a little bit of digging (including messaging the lovely owner on Instagram) and soon realised it was actually going to be perfect for what I needed and wasn't just another gimmick!

The main selling point for me was - will it be convenient for work and home? There was no point in buying one if it wasn't and with the type of job I'm in, I really need a type of diary that has time slots running down it in order to stay organised. The Classy Planner actually has a time stamped section which has 365 6am-9pm schedules perfect for what I needed. 

I was also well aware that we are well into October now (at the time of purchasing) so a September-September diary was going to have a bit of wastage. The Classy Planner is a undated diary which means you can start it whenever you want and will still get 12 months out of it! I find it so convenient that it has both the traditional monthly calendar view of a diary as well as the schedule as it means I can used the first half for home life and the second for work with the bonus that it's all together and I don't have to mess people around while I check against 2 diaries!

The planner is £19.95 which some may find a little steep for a planner but when you think of what's actually included it's well worth the price. There are little extras inside which I wouldn't have even thought of such as a Christmas Planner, Incomings & Outgoings pages, Bucket list and even a Master Plan page. Adding even more attention to detail you also get 4 pages of stickers which are great to pop on your monthly calendar pages at the front and also a 'To Do List' book which is a handy little extra if you're a list lover like me! Inside the diary itself there are also 3 different coloured ribbons for quick access to the sections inside and a handy little pocket at the back for any loose papers. 

I went for the pink planner as it gave me barbie/mean girls vibes and the colour really didn't disappoint and the matching elastic not only looks great but is also so handy for if you're taking it on the go and don't want it opening and closing in your handbag.

All in all I'm super happy with my purchase and can definitely see myself getting another one next year. Well worth the price especially if you're self-employed like me and the customer service is impeccable! Let me know, if you ordered one which colour would you go for?

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