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If given the opportunity to work with brands I will take into full consideration as to whether both the brand and the product suit both me and my blog. I will only agree to work with brands I 100% like/am interested in myself. That being said - if new products are ever offered to me on review/sponsored terms I will always be 100% honest. I will always make you (the reader) fully aware if an item has been sent to me. Any other questions regarding this please feel free to contact me.

For Brands/Companies/etc -
Please note if you are a company/someone wanting to work with me, my email address should be locatable via the email button on the top bar and I will do my best to reply within 24 hours. I would be more than happy to consider featuring a sponsored post/giveaway/item for review on my blog but as mentioned in my disclaimer, this would have to fit in to my blogs genre. A copy of my media kit can be obtained by emailing me.

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